Allah heals all the sick of the world We are all in the world one hand against the epidemic stay more at home Wearing a mask Hand sanitizing Hand washing Leave a distance

Social distancing is essential in preventing the spread of coranavirus.

Stupidity is dangerous. Do you know what none of these other causes of death have in common? None of them are f😡cking contagious. This is a false equivalence-In other words apples/oranges. Before you cost somebody their life. Your stupidity is like a plague.

Social distancing be the best thing right now. Let's keep practicing it.

TIP FOR TODAY 1. Health workers are there for you, support them to care for you. 2. Stigmatization is suicidal, stop it now! (MOH/GHS) And most importantly stay home.

The Only Medicine That Is Helping Us Prevent The Spread Of The Corona Viruses, Is Below Lets All Take it And Be Well. Together we Win!!!

Shocking that even during , Paid trolls have been given task to spread lies about PTM. Wouldn't this money have been better utilized in buying PPE kits? PTM will Inshallah be here even after Corona is gone, would be better if they tell such lies after that?

Another 6.6 MILLION unemployment claims in just one week. Is everyone sick of winning the best economy ever?

Baltimore Police are investigating what appears to be a video of one of their officers deliberately coughing on folks. Seriously.

Kindly wear your nose mask when going out and please stop laughing at people wearing nose masks 😷 Protect Yourself and Protect Others, Stay Safe. 🙏🏾

4-5 weeks since the US got real about and I still haven't run out of TP. what do y'all do to need SO MUCH of it?

It is absolutely inappropriate to take selfies while handing over ration to the needy. Its shameful & cringeworthy.

Hydroxychloroquine shortage in India as Modi govt allows supply to other nations. Rajasthan forced to return its stock of the medicine, which is used for malaria & arthritis as well as tried for

You know who has created absolutely zero wealth during this pandemic? The so-called wealth creators! CEOs are running to the government with their begging bowls as literally everything of value is being created by frontline workers who are risking their lives.

In this world , never say NEVER. Life has a way of reconciling our words.

There is a growing divide in Canada between what mainstream media is saying and what the Canadian public is thinking, this has never been more evident than during the pandemic. My confidence in Dr. Tam grows each day. The results will bear this out as well.

The Fijian Government 🇫🇯 condems Gender Based Violence and provides the Domestic Violence Helpline #1560 as a platform to call out incidence of violence against women and girls in Fiji.The Helpline is critical especially during crisis and emergencies such as

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