Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association for City of Vaughan (Majlis Muqami) donated faceshields to of Villa Leonardo Gambin Nursing Home. It is our desire, wish and objective to serve humanity. We'll continue to help frontline heroes in fight against – at Villa Leonardo Gambin

The nursing home crisis didn't start with - it started when successive Irish governments chose to pursue polices that focused on nursing homes places rather than supporting people in their own homes. This crisis is decades in the making.

To those of you who want head on a platter you have to remember that he has been the architect of the UK's very successful fight back against . Ok, there's been 62,000 Brit deaths, but apart from that. .erm . . um. .what?

Dutch PM Mark Rutte did not visit his dying mother due to restrictions. He understood that he had to adhere to the standards in public life that he himself had set.

Resumtion of Classes should not be prioritized right now instead VACCINE should be our outmost priority for everyone to move us forward unto a normal life.

My son is so excited going back to school today. Best wishes for all the children, the teachers and the staff.

This day 2 months ago plans were completed for a temporary morgue in Royal Hospital Kilmainham; such was the fear of what was ahead. Today we had no reported deaths. I for one am glad that all we planned for was not needed, but I am still glad we planned. 👏

Hopefully everyone will keep focussing on Dominic Cummings and not notice that we now have the highest death rate per million people in the world.

Proud of the resolve of our Member States to show determination and solidarity in our response to pandemic including through availing air lift capabilities to deploy our volunteer doctors. African Standby Force is advancing. – at African Union HQ

American political advisor Kevin Hassett responding to Cummings this afternoon. "Hold my beer".

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