Make sure your Apple Music streams are being counted. 1. Buy the songs on iTunes 2. Go to Apple Music and search the album/song 3. Delete each song from your *LIBRARY* and then stream. 4. You will now see a ➕sign next to the song and stream

YOOOOOOO THE GAP IS 300‼️ it keeps decreasing US armys are doing such a great job!

If you don’t have money to buy the album/song go to to get some let’s get it *jungkook’s voice

USA Army we trust in you. dm for help on . let those racist western stans be ashamed of themselves

"Daechwita" close to nr 1 #2 US #2 Canada #2 Australia #2 Azerbaijan #2 Costa Rica #2 Czech Republic #2 Germany #2 Greece #2 Hungary #2 Ireland #2 Italy #2 Mexico #2 Netherlands #2 Slovakia #2 Bahrain #3 New Zealand #3 Nigeria

US Army here - bought the song 3 times and the MV. streaming and waiting for the funds for the rest of my accts!

I'm a US ARMY and I just bought the song on a second account! Let's go everyone! We got this! ✊🖤

Top albums with the most #1's on iTunes: 1 MOTS: 7 - 96 2 mono - 91 3 MOTS: Persona - 90 4 LY: Tear - 85 5 - 81 ✌️ Remember to buy tracks separately (in the US and Canada)!

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