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The has extended its in the capital , for another two weeks as cases there continue to rise.

price drop alert: Unique Executive Central $43.65 USD -> $19.4 USD. See more

The show must go on! | ‘Balcony’ festivities in amid lockdown

La Recoleta, —Abhay K. Death asks life at La Recoleta —how long will you last ? Look at me, I’m eternal— the final truth. Come, rest amidst these exquisite stones, give in, the universe is my necropolis. From The Alphabets of Latin America

Expression of the day: "igual que yo" / "como yo" = just like me

Strange thing with is not the isolation from the regular spots of my own town Stavanger, but that places like Phnom Penh, Hong Kong, Libreville, Buenos Aires - exceptional places even in the best of times. The urge for is strong today.

Buenos Aires combines faded European grandeur with passion. Sexy and alive, this beautiful city gets under your skin ! 🌍✈️🇦🇷🔥 Check our tours online !

Beware of this 'falso amigo': arma = weapon, brazo = arm

On the World Bee Day celebration, one of my latest pictures at my backyard. , , , , .

More from the archives from my years of exhaustive exploratory walks around the Buenos Aires barrios. The sexiest modernist stairs, Parque Avellaneda

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