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At what point do you just wanna bash your head against the wall...this one! 🤪😂

When MFs try and say you weren’t there before Brady or Cam just give them the Bledsoe smile.

Just paid ~$200 out of pocket for a test near Boston, MA... Is this due to federal funding cuts, a state-level decision, or insurance provider? How are we to continue tracking if testing is only accessible to people with the $ for it ?

A beautiful sunny Monday afternoon on Canal St! Don’t mind the half-dozen drug addicts screaming at one another about the specifics of their recent broad daylight drug deal. A wonderful ambiance for local residents, businesses, and their customers.

🇺🇸 A safe and happy to all my US friends. A special day for us as 2 of our 3 kids born in 🙂🇺🇸

85 year old man, from around left carotid and , fixed with left subclavian, relay, and scientific protection device, that was a .

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