9 April 1920 | Polish Jew Aron Fass was borin in Cracow. In from 15 April 1942. No. 29663 He perished on 2 August 1942.

9 April 1903 | Pole Leon Heinze was born in Poznań. A worker. In from 22 November 1941. No. 23185 (political prisoner) In 1942 he was transferred to KL Mauthausen where he perished on 28 July 1942.

9 April 1968 | Zofia Kossak-Szczucka passed away. A writer, co-founder of Żegota Council; Arrested on 27 Sep 1943 and imprisoned in 9 days later (64491). In May 1944 she was transferred to Warsaw & sentenced to death. Released thanks to efforts of Polish underground.

Learn more about the fate of Christian clergy and religious life at Auschwitz from our online lesson that presents stories of priests and clerics, nuns, and clergy of other Christian churches incarcerated in .

9 April 1895 | Czech Jew Rudolf Fischer was born in Prague. An engineer. In from 11 June 1942. No. 39274. He perished on 23 June 1942.

9 April 1925 | Polish woman Janina Jodłowska was born in Krakow. In from 19 January 1943. No. 29708 (political prisoner) She escaped during evacuation of the camp in January 1945.

9 April 1927 | French Jew Bernard Davidowicz was born in . He arrived at on 20 September 1942 in a transport of 1,002 Jews deported from Drancy. He was murdered in a gas chamber.

9 April 1944 | Blessed Katarzyna Celestyna Faron ABMV died at . She was arrested in Feb 1942 accused for underground activity. Deported to Auschwitz on 6 Jan 1943 (camp no. 27989). She died of tuberculosis on Easter in camp hospital. Beatified on 13 Jun 1999.

9 April 1901 | Pole Witold Bajenkiewicz was born in Warsaw. A lawyer. In from 19 November 1942. No. 76118 (political prisoner) He perished on 16 February 1943

9 April 1934 | Hungarian Jewish girl Hajnal Fried was born in Vilmany. In 1944 she was deported to and murdered in a gas chamber.

9 April 1921 | Czech Jew Adolf Fischl was born in . In Ghetto from 4 December 1941. Deported to on 18 May 1944. He did not survive.

8 April 1932 | Polish Jewish girl Debora Chaja Strassberg was born in Narol. She emigrated to Belgium. In 1942 she was deported to and murdered in a gas chamber.

8 April 1917 | Tadeusz Pietrzykowski was born. A boxer, pre-war Polish bantamweight champion. He was sent to in the 1st transport of Poles on 14 June 1940. (No. 77). He survived, because for SS men, prisoner fights were an entertainment. Liberated in KL Bergen-Belsen.

April 8 is the International Roma Day. Please remember & learn about the fate of ca. 23,000 and who were deported to German Nazi camp. Around 21,000 were murdered there.

8 April 1940 | French Jewish girl Jacqueline Benguigui was born in . She arrived at on 25 June 1943 in a transport ot 1,018 Jews deported from Drancy. She was among 418 people murdered in a gas chamber after the selection.

7 April 1934 | French Jewish boy Maurice Dreksler was born in . He arrived at on 21 August 1942 in a transport of 1,000 Jews deported from . He was among 817 people murdered in gas chambers after the selection.

"For you and your children the ashes of hold a message: act so that the fruit of hatred, whose traces you have seen here, bears no new seeds, either tomorrow or forever after." (Primo Levi, Auschwitz survivor) 📷Auschwitz II-Birkenau

7 April 1920 | Pole Stanisław Morawski was born in Jasieniec. An accountant. In from 18 April 1942 No. 31193 (political prisoner) He perished on 14 August 1942. Today he would be 100 years old.

6 April 1941 | Yugoslavian Jewish boy Janos Barna was born in Belgrade. In May 1944 he was deported to and murdered in a gas chamber. He was 3.

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