Sunday, alumni and students of Atlanta's historically black colleges marched to protest the death of George Floyd. These priests serving in walked with them. From left, Father Jason Brauninger, SJ; Father Victor Galier; and Father Mark Horak, SJ.

In riot police threw tear gas as the crowd, and a sudden gust of wind blew the gas back onto the police.

The police department releases the body cam footage of the officers tazing 2 college students for being out past the 9PM curfew

This is Atlanta Georgia 2020 Right Now....a young couple in their car tased and detained for what?!?!

How Dior, Gucci and Icebox managers gon open their stores tomorrow morning

JUST IN: The driver of the armored vehicle has been identified as Franklin Clinton, a social justice activist.

Upscale mall in broken into. Why is the default setting of these people to steal and destroy?

Y鈥檃ll remember this...... yea gon head and get what you need outta Gucci

Just thought I should share this. It's a video during the time of the L.A riots. The words he says here are starting to apply to this current situation

? 馃槼 鈥淲ill not be entering for legal reasons鈥 Him: 馃毝*enters*

Woman using walker with sign that reads 鈥渙ur terrorists wear badges鈥 is helped along as police line moves in

To all the hotheads in the police force spoiling for a fight with the protesters. Watch and learn.

TI: 鈥淲e can鈥檛 do this here, this is 鈥榃akanda鈥 It must be protected. 鈥 All of :

Whoever this protester is, you鈥檙e doing absolutely amazing. Free shots.

may show up late to the party, but damn if they don鈥檛 make an entrance

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