Thanks dear Jack! Beautiful painting of ballerina! Good night and sweet dreams! with

Jacopo da Pontormo (May 24, 1494 - Jan. 2, 1557, Italian) The Annunciation (Church of Santa Felicita, Florence), c. 1527.

Sweet evening my dear friends 😉🤗! Love and be loved.💞 "When love exists, nothing else matters, not life’s predicaments, not the fury of the years, not a physical winding down or scarcity of opportunity" My new drawing "Hola".  

Philippe de Champaigne (May 26, 1602-1674, French) Saint Augustin(e), c. 1645-50

Hang an art on your wall and feel the beauty from that everyday

was published on 26 May 1897. is where author went on holiday & found his inspiration. Part of his novel is set there. Views of Whitby Harbour in the late C19th by John Atkinson Grimshaw.

Fredrik Marinus Kruseman (1816-May 25, 1882, Dutch) Winter Landscape with Travellers near a Town Gate, 1857.

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