Nina’s best nines of 2018, most of them featuring Paul. Again... 😂 I love their friendship. Hopefully we’ll see more of them together in 2019! Love that caption too. 😂

Looking back at last year, a lot is happening ! It’s a shame we could only pick 9 photographs for , but we already can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for us!

Grabe naman my . Dominated by . Hahaha! Thank you for your likes, loves! More coverage this year. For now, can you help me like this please — Last voting day today and we are running second. Huhu. 😬 Help!

Today I give THANKS to everyone who has been part of my life's journey. Thank you so much for your like for my life moments I've share through instagram. #2018

Which photos did you like the most in 2018 on 's Instagram account? 📸👍 Thank you very much for all your likes and don't forget to follow us for more pictures in 2019! 😃

You all ROCK! 🤘🏻 Ok so drum covers are a hit but what else would you like me to post for a little variety? Comment and talk amongst yourselves below 😂🤗☮️💟

Use Instagram? Check out: I try to post here but we are still most active there. In 2018 our community of Last Dragon fans surpassed 10K 🙏 Come join the club & please RT to Help keep the Glow✨ alive!

My on Instagram centered around travel, new friends, exciting experiences, beginning of a healthy lifestyle (salads and cycling) 🚵‍♀️ and of course coffee ☕

So blessed to get to go to amazing places and follow my passion for photography and to share my thoughts on life inspired by nature. If you're into that kind of thing...

!🎈 Here's to a super-successful 2019 as Iris West-Allen, Co-creator of women empowerment org , Ambassador, advocate for diversity+inclusion in TV/Film & in new projects! Wishing a GREAT 2019🎉

It's been quite a year for us, looking back at our - For those who don't already, you can follow us on Instagram too @shakespearebtrust and see what 2019 has in store.

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