this pig, Edgar Padilla, killed Andres Avila in 2011. there were protests, but it was swept under the rug. instead of being held responsible, Padilla was PROMOTED in 2015. please spread awareness.

Madison WI USA - Pharmacy Intern - Part Time - Pharmacy Intern FLSA Non-Exempt Department Pharmacy : Pharmacy Intern FLSA Non-Exempt Department Pharmacy Revision Date 05-2011 General Function Provides prompt efficient

Just have 15 Followers since 2011 on Twitter😩💔 Can we follow each other 🤗

. He is the only Youngest Indian star to won National Award (Best actor for Aadukalam 2011 age 27)

I was at Occupy Chi in 2011. I was at the Chicago NATO protests in 2012. I was arrested blocking a deportation bus in 2014. I've been part of countless protests in our struggle for justice. What I witnessed in Chicago today was different, it's nothing short of a genuine uprising.

beginning in january 2011, anons took a number of actions known initially as “Operation Tunisia” in support of Arab Spring movements. Tflow created a script that Tunisians could use to protect their web browsers from government surveillance

7 Movies That Created Day 1 Records In Guntur 💪💪(From 2011) ✨Dookudu ✨Businessman ✨Aagadu ✨Srimanthudu ✨BAN ✨Maharshi ✨SLN Next Kooda Repeat Avtundhi 🔥🔥😎😎 "S U P E R S T A R"

I am an Egyptian American. When rose up in 2011, it inspired movements & countries around the world. Now that the US is rising up - protests in 26+ cities, curfews in 15+ cities - how many around the world will it inspire?

India’s total population, as recorded in Census 2011, stands at 1.21 billion. Internal migrants in India number 454 million, or 37 per cent of the population. Narendra Modi led govt failed to take care of such a huge population.

Best selling Korean SOLO artists on GAON 2011-2020 Our Jaejoong at #5. Total 4 albums, sales = 585,871 👏👏👏 Being blocked/blacklisted in more than 10 years but still going strong 🤗 (by )

Looters snatch trays of gold & jewels as jewelry store is plundered amid protests

I wrote the first version of this guide in 2011. The ways in which we protect our digital devices during a protest have changed, but the need to protest has not. Stay safe out there.

First crewed U.S. launch since 2011. Breathtaking! Credit: NASA/SpaceX

Inside the cockpit of NASA’s Space Shuttle Endeavour (Last Flown 2011) VS SpaceX’s DeagonShip Endeavour (May 2020) Congratulations Elon Musk, Space X & NASA

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