"You may give me Grey hairs before my time I'll be happy Just sitting on a passenger side Cause i live for You and me and a lonely drive" ❤❤❤

'cause I don't care, when I'm with my baby, all the bad things disappear... 🍀❤️ #16 en Madrid, Spain

Diay patearon la bola. Costa Rica the land of tomorrow.

"I love your smile, your voice, body, laugh, eyes...I'm in LOVE with YOU." 💕 😍 @…

There's only 1way 2 say those 3 words.. I LOVE YOU Osito 🐼💗 y por más meses a tu lado 🍹#18meses#restaurantefavorito

And I will give you all my heart So we can start it all over again

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