So dope to see crushing it in the . I remember being at his 7th or 8th grade birthday party and watching my first R rated movie lol. (Scary Movie) Keep crushing it dude!

I hate them white washed Mexican bitches, foh nobody claims y’all

I’ve unfollowed so many people already, pretending they don’t know what’s going on or choosing to not speak on it, I just unfollowed a bitch for tweeting “white boys my weakness frfr” lmao like bitch it’s not the time

The overwhelming amount of allies I have. Can't say enough man. I'm proud to be...

This is SudamaniN. From Tamilnadu (TRZ)).I came here for shutdown project on Feb'2020. The project has completed on Mar end itself also our visa has expired.After completion work no salary.We are more struggling here. Please consider to repatriate our home state or nearby state.

Jenny & Naihal friendship bond is ❤ Bless & protect bond from evil 👀..

Lady gaga unnie and blackpink girlies get that no. 1 and no. 2 spot

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