The selfish side EU, fights and opposes helping Italy, Spain and Greece, subject of an invasion of all those people fleeing war, hunger and despair. Accepting, assisting or rejecting them is the EU responsibility

Fantastic entries to our challenge to recreate the by Vincent van Gogh! 💚🌻 Working with our partner school in to 'Let Us Grow Our Own Green Future' . 💚🌍

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time. (Abraham Lincoln)

Let the Eurogroup's emergency funds be refused to the countries of the North, which have intentionally taken inappropriate measures, including the idiotic concept of herd immunity.

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Forse ancora cercano la rivincita dopa le guerre d'indipendenza dall'Impero Austro-Ungarico Perhaps they are still seeking revenge after the wars of independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Sweden, Holland and Austria have not done better, considering that we are talking about a population of a few million but would claim to dictate law in Europe.

Old from 2016 originally done for the Wikipedia article updated on Sunday. All the networks in in 2020. Most are run by , other operators are , , , , , ✌️ ♥️

The mountains defy imagination. They seem to me even more lovely than our Rockies.

Had a super-awesome day with my bestie in and around Zell am See - such a beautiful day!

Wow. There are European countries with 'younger' constitutions than this restaurant 🍔🍟 |

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