“British Police” is trending, and I see a mixture of hate and support. Please remember, that the Police are the public, and the public are the Police. We will always do our best for everyone who needs our help. And protestors, try to be constructive, not destructive.

Evening lovely Finn, Dave & friendsAs many of you know my Son Mark is an Autistic Adult with SLD. He is Face Timing tonight at 8pm so it depends how long he wants to ‘chat’ if I can make it. We haven’t seen him Face to Face since March 26th Have a great evening .

None of the people you see on your screens in London & elsewhere in Britain today causing unrest in the name of an injustice in America know who this little girl is. Shame on them.

Glastonbury calendar, let's choose February. So a valentines sky or some daffodils, which suits February more? Poll in reply to this tweet.

Hope these people don’t blame the government if there’s a 2nd spike

Note to self don’t walk and tweet. Leads to banged head. Bugger.

The “after” shot! 14 hours of sewing later and 29 masks all ready to post tomorrow. I need a very large cup of tea now 😁

Not brave enough to serve your country but you can sneak about at night and do this. You don't deserve the freedom that was fought for you. Scum.

I am one of the people being shielded, I am not concerned at all about easing of lockdown restrictions, as long as reasonable precautions are taken it is certainly a step in the right direction, continued isolation can depress immunity, to build ones immune system one must mix!!

A review of a century of evidence shows that cloth masks are, indeed, effective at blocking droplet and aerosol contamination of the environment -- which could help reduce the transmission of -19. |

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