Peaceful black protestors yelling to the non black protestors 🗣USE YOUR PRIVELEGE! GET TO THE FRONT! to get the police to stop throwing tear gas during our PEACEFUL

George Floyd’s murder was NOT third degree. Derek Chauvin knew this man multiple years prior. He planned this damn murder. We want JUSTICE.

We DON’T WANT ’s budget, that allocates 54% of its unrestricted funds to LAPD. We DO WANT a budget that centers . PARTICIPATE in a People’s Budgeting Session SUNDAY AT 5PM.

Angelina Jolie after seeing that Madonna video

During the Tulsa Race Massecre, in which up to 300 people were killed and a whole neighborhood destroyed and burned to the ground, white men stole everything of value from black homes.

White people literally burned down a FLOURISHING BLACK WALL STREET. I could give a damn about billion dollar corporations being looted.

Lmaooo I fucking cant with twitter. “She can walk” I cant believe this fat bitch was out here running and stabbing people lol.

A fire was started at AutoZone. Some protesters attempted to extinguish it some posed for photos.

know their names. speak up about speak up about racism is the only reason why innocents are being killed.

How many new wigs are they going to give Molly? can they pick a wig please! Preferably the one on tonight’s episode!

I feel like LA is a different world. Everyone here wears masks even on jogs and walks. To think that in other states people are throwing parties honestly makes me......Jealous 😭 I wanna shake my ass too 🤣👋🏽

Nigga that is a fucking leg wtf you plan on doing that shit. Like that dick was meant for Cow 🐮 pussies bitch can’t no human alive take that 🤣

I’ve said this once and I’m a say it again. If your JOCK STRAPS FIT YOU LIKE LOOSE SUSPENDERS that shit aint for you!

Note to self, dont wear a mask 😷 after sucking dick.

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