Hello - I am now on Patreon! I will treat it like my second job. Thank you for your support!

Perhaps my followers have noticed that I havent been posting much. My laptop broke about two months ago, I am finally sending it to get fixed thanks to the money from Patreon and prints. So expect loads once I get it back!

Long time no prints. I added a new print to my store,, feel free to support. Or Patreon too!

Rain not letting me sleep. If you'd like to support my photography, feel free to like or comment. I can't always reply to all comments cuz I am very busy, but I do a pretty good job of answering questions : )

If you like my photography, I also have a small Youtube channel with tutorials. I frequently livestream my photowalks and editing. Also I dont try to sell you things or presets or things like that.

Quick word for aspiring photographers out there. You shouldnt go around trying to get "approval" from other 'bigger' photogs. Big following doesnt mean they know what theyre doing. Your art is your own, dont seek validation from others - do your own thing

Medium format in the rain at night - who says it can't be done?

Thanks to all that voted for their favourite edit, here's the photos from my tram journey I took a while back.

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