Incredible to hear the fountain music playing for the first time since late March. ❤️ 🇦🇪

UAE fights coronavirus: Don't go out unless absolutely necessary Don't go out for entertainment but only run critical errands.. Unless you are one of those who just does not give a shit!

Why does send me multiple payment reminders when the deadline is like 2 weeks away? And why at 2.30 am should I be reminded of this? Is this some kind of collection company already active right after the bill is generated? Does this happen to you too?

The problem with distance learning for pupils, is there has been some amazing work by kids and teachers. And school social media so keen to share this, even ours. But for every kid shining & excelling, there is another child without tech/ parent support who is lonely and alone.

"We’re collectively standing in uncharted territory, and no one knows what will happen"

Coronavirus: Dh100,000 fine, jail time for violating rules during crisis in UAE … GOOD! Now enforce it because I am sick of people not taking this seriously!

"'Pag ako nasa ibang bansa nagte-training, pag nanonood ako ng TFC para akong nasa Pilipinas din," the fighting senator said.

when i lived in Dubai between 2013 - 2019 there was always a 90% sale on at Pierre Cardin which finally seems to have come to an end 😮

It can be painfully frustrating to think of what you wish you had said. And of what you wish you hadn't said.

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