Fenty lingerie is the tea, the truth , the way. If you wanna bless me and make me cute at the same time 🤓🤓🤓🤓

It’s wine , a candle , and editing time 🙃 might really go nuts and listen to enya.... out of control

A reminder to any queer person not understanding riots and looting. The Stonewall Uprising was 5 days of rioting, looting, and VIOLENT protests against the police. These RIOTS, led by Black & brown trans & queer folx were the catalyst for the reason we have LGBTQ rights today.

Not a recent but here a small preview of what you might expect to see on my onlyfans, once it kicks off. 🖤

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I want to do a French maid cosplay .... :3 who wants to help me find the cutest outfit ? :D

we can’t all physically do much but what we can do is text FLOYD to 55156 text JUSTICE to 668366 it takes less than a minute

Good morning!!!!! I hope it's going to be a great day for you, and if not we'll try again. And again and again.

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