Perhaps JobKeeper is being wound back is because when the Colour-Coded spreadsheets came back, they showed a majority of JobKeeper going to Labor held seats...... & & the LNP can’t allow that to happen.

“They were created by removing the top layer of pebbles to reveal the lighter-coloured material beneath.” Scratching the surface: drones cast new light on mystery of Nazca Lines

If they were in opposition and somehow Labor made a $60 billion dollar mistake these clowns would be calling for a Royal Commision ???.....but Josh does not even have the decency to turn up and explain what happened to a senate committee ??? 🤬

Here we go, as predicted. JobKeeper payments to be slashed next month. "Casuals are being paid more money than they'd usually earn"

The US did not order a general blackout until August 1942 even after German u-boats used beach town lights to silhouette and target ships along the coast.

QUID PRO QUO, AGAIN? Trump threatened to cut off aid to Michigan over mail-in voting hours after the state was hit with historic floods 02

Australia is in dire need of a robust Fourth Estate.

I think maybe scotty and Ita worked on that

If the President is watching Fox, you may see some tweets about reopening schools or designating schools essential

Michael Pascoe:grants scandal vastly bigger than |New Daily were NOTHING!Check what else have done to our democracy!unprecedented misuse/appropriatn of tax payer $ONLYforLNPvoters.Time to commssn new jail!

Barely a week goes by without a federal corruption scandal but politicians are able to operate with near total impunity because the government continues to delay its promised federal integrity commission. Integrity orgs are sounding the alarm. 🚨

“The process had a flaw in it“ Morrison minimises the $60billion 🤪

In high school, my dean, a grad, told me to lower my expectations because of my Asperger’s. “Kids like you don’t go to schools like Vassar,” he told me. Well, some personal news: Today I graduated from Vassar with a BA in political science.

“that this presidency would be deadly if allowed to continue” an ongoing wave of 🦠deaths

Closed Borders? That's a hell a lot of militant Au Pairs...

NYT: Trump promotes baseless claims. In English this is known as lying. Trump lies. All the effing time.

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