Turns out he’s my Cousin from Mexico & didn’t know we were related 😂 yeahhhh fuckin awkward 🇲🇽

Storytime : There is this guy constantly hitting me on Instagram, but he has my last name which is “Candanosa” . Weird right ? So I finally ask him what’s up with that .. and now I’m blocked .

You can steal the idea but you can’t steal the Vision 💡

all it takes is one “you won’t” and boom there i go

I am honestly a tree hugger at its finest so sorry for being dramatic :(

Today an awful crime will be committed . We have six beautiful pine trees in the backyard that I have sat by & gazed at for years . But Today it’s all going to be taken down and I am in tears ..

If you dislike the office I dislike you .

Every single time I get ID , they then follow with the sentence “whaaa you look 15 tho” leave me aloneee 😂

Yooo Mother Nature is Furious w/ us right now ! What we do ?... hahaha everything , we did everything 🌎

May your dreams always be big & your worries small ⚗️🦋

I’m the most compatible w/ the Dollaaa sign ahhh , Dolla Dolla bills y’all 💸😜

All I want is quarantine to be over so I can hit the road , fuckkk this place 🌸

When tragedy occurs in life keep pushing through it no matter what 🌋

Did you know that I Upload YouTube Videos every Wednesday :)))

Whenever I really want to have a good laugh I just turn on the Tv & Put Donald Trump on 😂

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