None of us can predict the future. U can only make the best decisions w/ the info U have at hand. Always follow your heart, listen 2 your gut & think things thru. Muc love 2 U guys!

Want 2C the tru character of sum1? Watch how they treat those who can never benefit them. See how they act when given a bit of power. See their integrity when they disagree. Try 2 act out of love

Sumtimes it pays 2 think b4 acting. Don’t B surprised when impulsive extreme actions result in negative consequences. A little forethought goes a long way

Here’s 2 remembering the service men & women who made such huge sacrifices for our way of life. If UR w/ family or friends, I hope that UR having a safe and heart warming time. Much love 2 you guys!

Living a positive life doesn’t mean not having a range of emotions. It’s ok to feel everything. Just try 2 put things in2 perspective once the initial storm settles. Don’t let it drown U

Sum people thrive on unhappiness. They could have NEthing they want & still find reason to complain. If UR looking 2 succeed & grow surround URself w/ a positive circle

If sum1 believes in U & supports U w/out any expectations in return, cherish them & always let them know what they mean2 U! A huge thank U 2 all that have been friends here! Much luv 2U!!

Strive 2B the best version of U. Others will always judge & compare U 2 others but if U see URself advancing from yesterday that’s all that matters. Keep going!

2 many times the things people feel insecure about come 2 light when commenting on others. Always keep in mind the source. R they trying 2 help U or help themselves feel better? U’ve got this

There’s several sides 2 every story. What’s important is 2 not only see from your own and stick to it w/out any other consideration. Empathy can truly balance so much

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