you can tell he really loves ‘people’ look at his smile🥺

Nung nalaman mo na chimon-ey-si pala ang tamang pronunciation at hindi chimon-ak sa "chimonac"

「Until We Meet Again~運命の赤い糸~」DVD-BOXのデザインを公開‼️ DVDは現在、色校正という作業に入っております😃✨ すごく良い仕上がりです🎉 発売日まであと1か月ちょっと… 今後も進行状況をお伝えしていきます❤️

Korn, hanging a picture on the wall: am I straight? In: no, P'Korn. you’re not. Korn, sighing: the picture, In. Is the picture straight? In, looks at picture of him and Korn kissing at their wedding: no

the holy trinity of bl boys saying fuck your heteronormative beliefs.

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