gonna hit the sack early cuz ugh headache but leaving you with these two 🥺

To all the Filipino medical frontliners here and abroad, take care, thank you and we are very proud of all of you!!!!

she: he's on another country right now probably fucking someone else. he's cheating on me. i just know it. he: wait why is the clown fish called clown, do they make jokes?

head is fucking pounding bec of this heat and now it looks like it's going to rain. 😫

i mean, the brows, the dimpled chin, the nose. tho the eye color is brown but damn she really looks like an H&J lovechild.

i just want Jo cursing for an hour straight

women work hard to achieve their goals.

Why watermark a picture/video you didn’t take? PISSES ME OFF FFS

imagine cute pictures of Kat and Jo together. pls it will lit rally make my year 🥺

Katherine liked the post to subtly tell us that yes, jo is doing fine and no, they absolutely dont hate each other coz she loves her the most in the world

remember this was their last of filming 🥺

first josephine is too fat and then she’s too skinny. you can’t win with these people. who gives a shit what body type she is, she carried the movie and she played tessa so well.

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