As the 1st fuel ship arrived, state TV played the Islamic Republic’s anthem against images of revolutionary Ayatollah Khomeini & marching black-chador-covered women—jarring sights for a rum-and-beauty-pageant-loving South American country

AMLO still gets high marks from Mexicans for handling of pandemic: 65% approve v 27% disapprove. Will be interesting to see if those numbers shift as death toll rises.

“The sanctions aren’t responsible for what’s happening in the country, but in a way, they’ve pushed the regime to get closer to Iran and to radicalize even more," tells

The Covid pandemic is shifting firmly to the developing world. Nine of the top 10 countries in new cases are in emerging markets. And Brazil and Mexico now firmly occupy two of the top five spots in daily deaths. India not far behind. via

The pandemic grew more slowly in poorer nations, mostly b/c they took containment steps sooner. That's good news: Those moves saved lives from Mexico to India. But now many of those countries want to open back up, just as the virus toll mounts. via

Mexico's second richest man urging people to get on with their lives and let the pandemic play out. I wonder: If he gets sick, will he be willing to be treated at a public hospital? Also, cool verb: "desapendejen."

Mexico ranks dead last in Latin America in terms of testing per 100K residents. And as most experts will tell you, it's not a good idea to reopen if you don't have widespread testing to guide you where it's safe or not.

Must read: There were 8,000 more deaths than normal in Mexico City from Jan-May 20 this year. More than 4x higher than the official coronavirus deaths figure of 1,800. No anonymous sources, no anecdotes. Just cold, hard death certificate data.

“La visión más peligrosa del mundo es la de quienes no lo han visto” —Alexander von Humboldt

A Bolivian panpipe orchestra has been stuck for two months at a moated Prussian palace surrounded by 23 wolf packs and reputedly haunted by the ghost of Frederick the Great (not a story)

USA, Brazil and Mexico had the most deaths from Covid registered yesterday. Mexico had almost 200 more deaths than the UK.

“It calls one’s attention that in that moment no one was talking about COVID-19 in the Cabinet, except for a brief mention. When then health minister starts speaking about what is being done, the president stops him and moves on,” Melo said.

As neighboring countries prepared for coronavirus storm, Nicaragua's Ortega organized march of thousands of supporters to celebrate "Love in the Time of Coronavirus." Now, grave diggers bury victims late into the night in "express funerals" via

“I will not wait for them to fuck my whole family or my friends for the hell of it,” President Bolsonaro says to his cabinet in effort to interfere with investigations. “There will be a change. If we can’t switch him, we’ll change his boss." via

Court in Brazil just ruled against Jair Bolsonaro, and now the country is watching an expletive-laden tirade by the president about the investigations of his sons for corruption. He won office in 2018 on an anti-corruption plank.

Mexico has a president with no green credentials. That is bad news for the country and for the planet. My latest for looks at how AMLO’s obsession with oil is dragging Mexico away from a future built on cheap, sustainable renewable energy

If you need a laugh, this is worth the replies. My favorite so far is The Rolling Scones.

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