nothing more perfect than the "i'm so happy now that i'm dead" monologue in GONE GIRL. the realization.. amy's crazy ass... the music drop.. ben affleck suffering..

u donโ€™t have to compete with anyone...U can just hang out actually. they donโ€™t tell u this

watching my faves WATERWORLD and TWISTER rn while I write. tonight we're watching a bunch of deakins films ๐ŸŽ‰

if anyone calls themselves an introvert after this i will call the police

if i didnโ€™t stomp in with big heavy boots on did i even arrive ?

ยซI feel every shot, every camera move, every frame, and the way you frame something and the choice of lens, I see all those things are really important on every shotยป Happy birthday to the legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins!

happy birthday to roger deakins, the man who has inspired my art + desire to be a cinematographer the most

i wrote all day so that tonight i can finally finish final fantasy vii remake while tweaking

i wanna smoke with the blair witch

if this shit doesn't calm down within the next two months so i can move i will become feral

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