Im thinking about my ocs but im also thinking abt sakuatsu merman au and also hinata kt tape and also

atsumu and hinata as atsuhina milky boyfriends (they are so cute im gonna cry i think) art by the wonderful !!

When yukie and kaori came up, i went batshit crazy imAGINE IMAGINE if kanoka shows up,,,

If we ever see kanoka again,, its over for all of the bis and lesbians

Ko-fi Request of some Atsumu x Hinata done by our for anon !! Thank you so much for your donation 💝 If you're interested in getting a ko-fi request check us out here: ☕️✨

This has been in my drafts for 2 months idk y i thought now would be a perfect time to tweet this

Atsumu doing wall sits and a cat suddenly sits on his lap so now he's stuck there until the cat finally decides to move. That is my hc on why i think atsumu has t h i g h s

Here are my headcanons that I literally can’t stop thinking about because I love these two:


5 HQ characters I relate to and why: YACHI - we are both short AKAASHI - we are both gay SAKUSUGAKIYO - We have moles KENMA - Bad sleeping schedule KUROO - bullies you but also cares about you deeply

Kunikage bc have you seen them those bitches was made for angst!!

Listen. There is no greater flex than a content creator investing all their time and effort and skills on a RAREPAIR. Like??? YES HONEY YOU A MICHELIN STARRED CHEF AND WE MAKE OUR OWN DAMN FOOD IN THIS HOUSE

Is "your lie in april" good? Also what abt "killing stalking"

🌾6 things I like, 6 tags🌾 🌾 FRIES 🌾 colour yellow 🌾 electric blanket 🌾 Sunrise 🌾 Boba tea 🌾 The lady villain from Atlantis lmao Feel free to do it!!

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