I've spent the last couple of weeks talking to farmworkers, farmers and others in 's agricultural industry to better understand how is affecting their lives. Here's what I found. (thread)

San Diego retail scene now allowed to fully reopen today was experiencing a trickle of customers

I'll be talking to Angel Zepeda, a senior at San Ysidro High school, about his experience as a first-generation graduate. Join us on Instagram () today at 1:30 p.m. More info:

The paletero man passes by my house every day and I'm pretty sure he rings his bell extra loud for me cause he knows I'm weak when it comes to una paleta de rompope.

New from : Tijuana shelter is teaching migrant children to code; Mexico’s death toll remains a mystery; coronavirus is taking a toll on journalists, & more in her biweekly roundup:

Not having a traditional high school graduation is particularly hard for the students who will be the first in their family to earn a high school degree. talks to some of those grads:

. ’s excellent photo essay on first gen high school grads is Newsom-approved.

I think I just got a cramp on my face cheek muscles from laughing so hard at a TikTok.

: Youth Will is making headlines during . Our Youth Leader Angel Zepeda recently spoke to about being a first-generation student, and how the pandemic is affecting his future plans. Read the article here 👉🏽

The absence of a physical celebration to conclude high school is particularly hard for the students who are considered trailblazers among their families. ➡️

Demonstrators gathered in front of the County Administration building demanding that elected leaders open

Thanks for covering this story, ! So great to see these young folks celebrated, especially leader Angel!

I have a lot of videos of on my phone. These are just a few lol. Happy birthday!! 🥳💗

Celebrating my mom’s birthday, quarantine edition. ❤️

Love that this photo essay gives a window into the challenges faced by first-generation graduates and also gives them a space to celebrate their accomplishments at a time when they will not be able to at traditional graduations 👏👏👏

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