Dance with Venus. Earlier this month the fireflies put on quite a show—heralds of the dreary but magical rainy season across Japan. 金星と踊る蛍たち。梅雨が来ますって。

I love how the rocket quite visually went through the stratosphere.


Another celestial arch. Two nights ago the last of the Kōnotori/H2-B rocket missions launched from Tanegashima, bound for the ISS. An elevated view is something I never got in Florida.

The launch time of H-IIB Launch Vehicle No. 9 has been set at 2:31:00 on May 21, 2020 (Japan Standard Time JST).


Bought a UV laser a while ago and cannibalized a flashlight to give it a battery pack & lens. Went out exploring the shrubbery and found aphids (I think), lichens, and a baseball (not pictured🙃). Not sure it meets reqs, but more handy than a light saber🔦

🌈The celestial archer's shadow, biblical reminder that, though the storm may be long, there will be better days. 神様の弓みたい。 橋の向こう側が輝く。そこに辿り着くまでお互いに頑張りましょう。

Japan has not seen exponential infection (yet), and there are no confirmed cases in Kagoshima (yet). So I continue as normal, knowing that, since symptoms are delayed, everything could change in a heartbeat. I wish I could send you more than prayers for …

Planet Earth is beautiful. (The bright point is Jupiter, with Mars close by, and Saturn is the point between Jupiter and the moon, whose thin crescent was too brilliant for the shot. No idea what satellite was passing by.) Also, cloud forecasts are becom…

Red skies in morning... I am so thankful this morning that my work and my life go on, for now, mostly protected and insulated from the virus due to the efforts and sacrifices of others. My guests yesterday—on an improvised honeymoon—were overflowing with…

Peace. Could this be the sea that swelled so violently to the north nine years ago? アノ日と同じ海の一部だと。

Inside Wilson’s Stump is a small shrine to the tree’s spirit. It would be so easy to run inside, look up, snap a phot of the sky, and hurry on, but then you see this shrine, and you instinctively slow down, and you remember where you are. . . inside the …


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