So get this!!! We were on the big Zoom screen with and the person helping...Taylor, I believe his name was said, "Is that sleeping next to that cow?" Whaat!?!?! Cow!?! Everyone thought sleeping Winston was cute.. and I'm a cow!馃槻 goat w/ a cow like booty

It's a good day to tan your back end... 馃榿 not social distancing. Never take a from a goat. Ahem... all you naughty goers馃え

Mom said I was handsome... duh. Then she asked if I wanted a cookie... I couldn't fathom why she'd ask such a silly question! can be... 馃

I just all over Mom's face and I think I'm pretty !馃槃 ... always the . Give that boy a tissue!

wishing those who serve, did serve, and will one day serve, a very peaceful and pleasant 馃檹馃嚭馃嚫

Oh! Oh! Oh!!!! We were built a today!!! It's our own outside shaded room with a pool of hay, a cushion, and soon a couple little toys. Pics tomorrow! Mom wants to paint it sometime in the future馃榾 are for new things馃馃

So much going on today! Winston did try to use me as a ladder though馃槕 And a ... so much noise! who got to go in the other part of the yard again finally!

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