We're looking forward to David Herzberg's eye-opening history of addictive drugs in America.

Over on our blog, an excerpt from Mark C. Taylor’s forthcoming SEEING SILENCE, which offers a philosophy of silence for our chattering age. During times of uncertainty, he encourages us to turn to silence as a means to understand the world around us.

Listen to our conversation about the history of phrenology with James Poskett, author of Materials of the Mind: Phrenology, Race, and the Global History of Science, 1815-1920

The game is afoot! Today is and we’re happy to share ’s reprint of THE DAILY SHERLOCK HOLMES, edited by our very own and !

In Poets on Couches, Saskia Hamilton reads from an excerpt of Virgil’s ‘Aeneid,’ published in issue no. 201 (Summer 2012).

.'s research is ever-so-insightful and ever-so-timely! Even as schools move to distance learning, they foster different cultures of tech use - and this has real impacts on kids. Take a listen, and watch for his forthcoming book from !

Enjoying today’s & want to learn more about ? Check out the books of 's Paul Berliner, including the new THE ART OF MBIRA , part of an incredible collaboration with master player

A collection of open letters details how Chicago’s history of police torture stems from residents failing to hold our city and justice system accountable, while others fight for change.

We never stop to think about it, but the typical images we see of cows, chickens, pigs, and the like are of young animals. What would we see if they were allowed to grow old? shows us, brilliantly, with this collection of portraits.

"It is a breath of fresh air to see physics writing like this: lucid and friendly, sober and thoughtful, and willing to trust the reader’s engagement and intelligence. . . . Superb popular science." reviews QUANTUM LEGACIES for :

Set in Scotland, Thomas Legendre's Keeping Time is about an archaeologist who travels back in time and has an affair with his wife – or is it about a musician having an affair with her husband? Available now! @legendereality

This May & June the book club is spending time with THE SAFE HOUSE, a novel by Christophe Boltanski. As you're reading along with us, we'll share the opening lines from each chapter. Today is chapter 4: Parlor. (Don't miss a convo w/ translator 6/25 @ 2)

Don't miss Isa Leshko, author of ALLOWED TO GROW OLD, in conversation with Sy Montgomery and Elizabeth Marshall Thomas on 5/29, organized by . Register:

Big congratulations to on the publication of her new book w ! Thanks for chatting w me about it today. Thanks to all who came to the ! Time to order and read her great book!

The fifth of five finalists for the 2020 Albert J. Raboteau Prize for Best Book in is Spencer Dew, *The Aliites: Race and Law in the Religions of Noble Drew Ali* ( ).

The copies of the 2nd edition of my great-grandmother ' autobiography arrived! Woo hoo! It was edited by my grandmother Alfreda & published by in 1970. She wrote the intro. I now added an afterword 50 yrs later! 3 generations in 1 book.

Our sympathy goes out to the family of Dan Lortie, sociologist and author of the classic work in the field, SCHOOLTEACHER: A SOCIOLOGICAL STUDY.

2020 Faculty Book Celebration: Edgar Garcia (English Language & Literature) "Signs of the Americas: A Poetics of Pictographs, Hieroglyphs, and Khipu" University of Chicago Press, 2020

The rise of Black pulp fiction was largely attributed to the success of Blaxpoitation films, like Dolemite, which offered a more raw depiction of African American daily life in the 1970s. discusses these trends on the latest

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