Breaking: Bernie Sanders ends his 2020 presidential campaign

"It is a tragedy that we lost him at this particular moment, as his words and positions have never been more prescient," writes David Adjaye of architect Michael Sorkin, who died on March 26. Read more about the lives of those lost to coronavirus:

Coronavirus is upending traditions for Passover and Easter—but religions have adapted for past pandemics, too

For the first time in 11 weeks due to the coronavirus lockdown, people drove out of Wuhan as the last travel restrictions were lifted. Thousands boarded the first trains leaving the Chinese city where the COVID-19 pandemic emerged.

Melania Trump releases video thanking frontline responders battling coronavirus in the U.S.

Here are the stories of the remarkable lives led by some of those lost to COVID-19

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"I told myself to stay calm." As Wuhan's lockdown ends, one doctor on the frontline recalls what he learned fighting the coronavirus

Here’s everything you need to know about the proper Passover greetings

John Prine, legendary singer-songwriter, dies from coronavirus at 73

Over half a century, Prine churned out heartfelt and unforgettable songs like “Angel From Montgomery,” “Sweet Revenge” and “In Spite of Ourselves”

Staff from the Georgia Aquarium introduced month-old kittens — named Nemo, Dory, Guppy, Marlin and Bubbles — to exhibits of colorful fish and jellyfish last week. The Georgia Aquarium has closed its doors in an effort to minimize the spread of coronavirus.

Wuhan’s reemergence will provide lessons for leaders across the world. But many across China fear that the political considerations that allowed the coronavirus to take hold in the first place could play out once again

Watch: A supermoon rises over the Swiss Alps on Tuesday evening

Biodiversity—that is, the health of the entire ecosystem—can restrain pathogens before they ever leave the wild

As you continue to practice social distancing, here's a guide on: 📖 Books to read 📺 Movies and TV shows to watch 🎧 Podcasts to listen to

Wisconsin teen's boyfriend charged with her parents' murders

"There is no right answer when it comes to how to approach beauty in these fraught times. If it doesn’t feel right for you right now, that’s fine. But if it does? There is no reason to feel ashamed," writes

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