From premiering @ Sundance 2019 to a crazy festival run that exceeded my expectations, our film has granted me access to rooms I've worked so hard to peek into. Happy to introduce our film online as a staff pick! Stay tuned. 🧛🏿‍♀️

This is a great time to delude yourself into believing you're in a romantic relationship with someone you only text and occasionally facetime with.

As if we needed more barriers to connection.

At the grocery store dropped a lemonade from my full basket. A woman picked it up for me then immediately apologized for "touching it" and after thanking and reassuring her I felt a pang of sadness re: coronavirus exacerbating our cross racial/cultural divides...

“Wow. I did that.”—Me doing the bare minimum for the day.

I love them lil free plants outside walmart and home depot

It's important to remember that sometimes you're rejected from that [fellowship, film festival, incubator, grant, artist residency...etc] because the curators don't know how to categorize you and your Art-- That's a triumph you won't see yet.

Every day I remind myself how hard this sh*t is so I don't beat myself up...too badly.

“For me, anyone who finishes a film I take my hat off to. When an audience sees a finished film, it doesn’t know the wars fought by the director to make his or her picture.” — Charles Burnett

Highlighting how racism is experienced similarly and differently amongst minorities is def a refreshing way to explore the conversation on screen

Because the way my creative muse is going to need therapy in parallel to my therapy...

If, against all odds, you somehow manage to come out on the other side of this zombie dystopia with a finished screenplay-- get that miracle baby greenlit. It's the one.

Some of us have really been beaten into submission--believing we are undeserving of questions answered, respect, tangible policy.... Our ancestors who rebelled weep.

We live in a world that injects rat poisoning into our steak and pours acid drenched butter onto our lobster and tells us to pick one then paints us as defiant for inquiring about the ingredients. By we, I mean Black voters.

𝑷𝑨𝑴𝑷𝑨𝑹𝑨 | Dominican Republic By photographer and director Renell Medrano

it’s so weird to see people mourning covid deaths and see other people having cookouts. it’s just a weird time.

This morning, I was supposed to walk across the stage and graduate from my PhD program in Biomedical Engineering at Cornell. . COVID-19 prevented that, but I’m gonna wear this well-earned robe and cap no matter what! . Doctor Grayson loaded. 🍾

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