In university I was first taught there is good & bad art. Then I was told there is only art. Judgement had become absent. However, without judgement or critique, without assessment, how does anything or anyone become better?

Watching movies in ISO has been a challenge. Nothing satisfies. 1st world problems for sure, but culture & it鈥檚 creativity is important. So, I鈥檝e watched Serpico, Eyes of Laura Mars, Marathon Man among other 1970鈥檚 gold. Hollywood needs a time machine.

A New Entry in the NOW section of - link in BIO. You鈥檒l see some images from a shoot with @taliaseonaid , some behind the scenes cutout activity & a bit of reflection upon navigating ones artistic development while opposing the influence of others.

In the words of Gauguin; 鈥淰incent the sensitive & I the savage鈥 鈽濓笍

Freedom is the only thing worth a cost.

The machine of economics, in the soon or distant future, will be kickstarted again but rather then us having access to it, to earn a living - it will have accessed & integrated us. A mere number, a unit. No amount of money will prevent this convergence, if you want to own things.

I鈥檓 not a soothsayer - prognosticator or have secret knowledge. I鈥檓 a no-body watching the world while being ignored but read my comment below , tell me I鈥檓 wrong?

In all circumstances, whether psychological or physical, the presence of fear will seek to cripple your sense of self. Confidence requires courage. Whereas our peace in the face of uncertainty is brought about by our love for others, a life lived beyond the self. Now, go live!

Ridicule is a terrible teacher & guilt a despicable master. I say this, for in my past as teacher, I learnt, as one who delivers knowledge, that no one is my enemy, if it is the truth I long to share.

Please go to my website to learn more of this project & the beautiful people behind the family business Little Earth Cafe, in the NOW section of . music:

Some French sounds I鈥檓 digging. French feeling rather then fully French, sometimes. 1) Grace Jones: Libertango 2) Camille Bertault: Ma Muse 3) Marco Attali: J鈥檃i pris une claque 4) Crystal: Funky Biguine 5) Gilles Ricardo: Je Reviens 鉁

Sometimes everything will fail to make sense but good music will out last the nonsense.

Once flights between OZ & NZ open as normal I expect a huge number of Kiwis to be immigrating to OZ, toot sweet!

A snap shot of my work hanging in 鈥榮 The Cosmopolitan. . Interior design by - can鈥檛 wait till dining life goes back to normal 鉁

When a renown art critic steps into your world & drops an anvil on your art practice, whether that be pos鉁 or Neg馃挜- do ya cry or take your lumps?

Presently, I鈥檓 taking time to heal, to recover from surgery. Cancer ain鈥檛 our friend y鈥檃ll but it touches everyone in some way though, whereas I鈥檝e become one of the fortunate ones. I believe thoughts & prayers matter, that compassion & simplicity matters.

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