Expanding access to COVID-19 testing is essential to stopping the spread of this deadly virus. We're opening a new testing site at Dodger Stadium to accommodate even more Angelenos. With or without symptoms, you can get a free test. Sign up now: .

On Memorial Day, we honor the brave Americans who paid the ultimate price to defend our freedom and offer our gratitude to everyone who has fought for us. Their courage inspires us in the battle against COVID-19 — their sacrifice is a reminder of our duty to serve one another.

Across our city, Muslims are marking the end of Ramadan. While we cannot gather as a community during this time, the values of generosity, faith and love will continue to guide and inspire us — this year and every year. Eid Mubarak.

El acceso a las pruebas de COVID-19 es esencial para detener la propagación de este virus mortal. Estamos abriendo un nuevo sitio de pruebas en el Dodger Stadium para ofrecer aún más pruebas gratis. No tiene que tener síntomas para hacerse una prueba: .

Este fin de semana es largo, pero debemos recordar: COVID-19 sigue siendo una amenaza real. Los avances que hemos logrado en la lucha contra COVID-19 se debe a que los angelinos han permanecido en casa. Este no es el momento de reunirse con familiares y amigos fuera de su hogar.

It's a long weekend with beautiful weather, but we must remember: COVID-19 is still a real threat. The progress we've been making fighting this virus is because of Angelenos staying safer at home. This is not the time to gather with family and friends outside your household.

Congratulations to the Class of 2020! As you begin to chart your own path, remember that you will emerge from this crisis with resilience and the power to help transform our city, this country, and the world.

This Memorial Day weekend, we cannot gather as we usually do. But we will still honor the fallen heroes who sacrificed for our freedom and remember their willingness to put country before self. Let's honor their spirit by staying home and saving lives.

Proud to announce that on Tuesday, the city will open a new testing site at Stadium in partnership with and . We'll be able to test up to 6,000 Angelenos there per day. Sign up to get tested at .

Today, the County reported 1,072 new cases, bringing the total to 43,052 — a 2% increase since yesterday. In the city, there were 450 new cases today, bringing the total to 20,391 — a 2% increase since yesterday.

We will open two recreation zones along the L.A. River starting Monday, including the area parks, trails, and bikeways. Folks will be able to walk and bike by the river, as long as they wear face coverings near others and follow physical distancing protocols.

We are reopening the city beach parking lots at Cabrillo and Venice Beach as well as the beach bike paths — this is in addition to the County opening paths and lots at partial capacity at Dockweiler State Beach, Will Rogers State Beach, Zuma Beach, and Surfrider Beach.

Únase en vivo mientras anunciamos un nuevo sitio para dar pruebas de COVID-19 en el Dodger Stadium y las últimas actualizaciones sobre más aperturas de caminos para bicicletas, espacios públicos, y medidas de seguridad en orden.

Join me live as we announce a new COVID-19 testing site at Dodger Stadium and the latest updates on more openings of bike paths and public spaces, along with safety measures in place.

Siga tomando estas medidas para mantenerse sano y proteger a la gente a su alrededor. 1. Quédese en casa lo más que pueda. 2. Mantenga la sana distancia. 3. Lávese las manos con frecuencia por 20 segundos. 4. Use una cobertura facial cuando salga y esté cerca de otros.

We need you to keep taking these actions to remain healthy and safe, and protect those around us. 1. Stay home as much as possible. 2. Continue practicing physical distancing. 3. Wash your hands often for 20 seconds. 4. Wear a face covering when you go out and are around others.

During this pandemic, has continued to collect trash, recycle wastewater, and maintain sewer and storm drain systems to protect Angelenos’ health and ensure we safeguard our environment during and beyond COVID-19.

. crews continue to light the way to make our roadways and sidewalks accessible for Angelenos all across our city. Thank you for continuing to support our communities during this crisis.

is a time to do more than honor the spirit and contributions of our Jewish community. In the midst of this pandemic, we must tap into the core values unique to Jewish tradition and universal in scope: service, justice, love, and kindness.

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