Golden Hour when you are experiencing it inside. And dayum! I really need to clean my blinds. 😉 everyone ✨🌴😎

How do I love thee, Christopher Nolan?!? Let me count the ways. SO ready for

Wishing a very Happy 40th Birthday to one of my favorite games (because I'm old like that).

Sonnet 63! Taking a very brief hiatus while I work on another project that is coming soon. Enjoy the holiday weekend everyone.

All these years in SD and first time popping into the Bob Hope Memorial. One of the nice things about not having a lot of people out and about is seeing a bit of downtown without lots of tourists.

So what you're trying to say is that I've been doing this wrong all my life. Who knew?!? 😉

I have lots of early memories going to drive-in theaters with my family. So one of the silver linings of the past few months for me has been seeing the drive-in movie making a come back.

Do. Or do not. There is no try. 💫 Happy 40th anniversary to ! What’s your favorite ESB quote? Explore officially licensed | RockLove jewelry in a galaxy not so far, far away:

Do they know when we crossed into the "messed up" parallel universe? Asking for a friend.

Happy 40th, ! 🎉🎂 Travel back with us as we revisit production on the film with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and interviews ft. George Lucas, Carrie Fisher, , , , and more of the cast and creative team.

I've been really enjoying all of the content the past few weeks from . Another fun read.

That moment - you order a DNA kit for your cat (even though I won’t take one myself). And I’m probably more excited about getting his results than I should be.

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