It’s an intense we we have ahead of us🙏🏾here are topics and to keep us centered and anchoring love💪🏾 tune in at or the

My first book!! 📚 LOVE STARTS HERE | Creating a Life of Love Within for a Life Never Without✨ It takes an an open individual through the journey of embodying unconditional love within the self physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually! 💚

Le countdown begins...I just did a gardening meditation and the plants guided me to do a different (more intense) tune

Tomorrow I’m dropping some revolutionary bars on via brickhousestudios on Instagram hosted by dblayz and with special guest and a hot lineup of artists on the rise!!

I want you to pay close attention to this as it's a true milestone. But I believe it's happening for a very specific reason.

I'm gonna let you finish (LOL!), but exactly! That's why it's key to dislodge the idea that racism has always existed. No. The. Hell. It. Has. Not. Racism became a weird attempt to justify colonialism in a pseudo-scientific/Biblical framework that NEVER made sense.

Dennis Brown | Revolution Damian Marley | Move Bob Marley feat Busta Rhymes & Spliff Star | Rastaman Chant The intro to When Disaster Strikes album...the whole album 😤 OutKast | Bombs Over Baghdad Most of the songs I play on tbh I think imma do a playlist!

Lisa Simpson is gonna have a helluva mess to clean up after this🤷🏾‍♀️

Do you know what it means to have a revolution?! And what it takes to make a solution?!

Def dishing out some tough love on the air today

These are some serious times. Personally I don’t care for fighting and destroying anything that wasn’t for my best interests anyways...I’d rather spend that energy establishing a self sufficient system for me and…

A good queen knows the decision of partner is one that must be made with the kingdom in mind ... and pray maybe later... love is found within the bond🙏🏾

At least one of the speakers had the grace to state that it is important that they learn how to not white wash the knowledge 🤔

Imagine signing up for a seminar to learn from shamans who are described as practicing African and giving tours in Africa... South American... all kinda worldwide indigenous knowledge and all of them white...

We need a VERZUZ lineup that will bun down Babylon Capleton & Sizzla

There’s a few of my peers in the music industry that are being silent right now about what’s happening. If you make or benefit off of music built and innovated by black artists, you need to speak up and do your part. No excuse whatsoever.

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