American versus canadian culture doesn't seem TOO different until you've experienced them both. Trust me, they are very different, especially school culture.

I wish my bday was 2 days away. I really wanna make my cake.

This is so funny, Sarah is so funny, but what this really does for me is remove his surroundings and overall horrific look and lets us pay attention to just his words. His insane, incoherent garbage rambling


Sweet i gwt a $41 refund for my buss pass bc of covid! Money is coming out of nowhere! Thank u! It really be gemini season! Donuts, studel, $50 and a $41 refund!?!?!?! ALL IN ONE DAY YALL!!!!

So like shout put to the ladies at my church for being absolute angels of which i DO NOT deserve!!!!!😭😭😭💜💜💜💜🙌🙇

People from my church are so wonderful!?!?!?! I mean like THEY NORMALLY ARE! but like EXTRA. like this one lady brought us over donuts now twice TWICE for NO Reason! And this one lady gave me $50 because she is so nice and thoughtful and bc i was her prayer pal (who wasnt great)

I did some more exercise today and oof i am tired

I do not like trump, hate the man. But trending THAT hashtag is so harmful to many people, not just trump. A lot of innocent people will be hurt because of this stupid ass trend, it's not gonna make a deference. Trend something that matters.

i don’t see the point in having a big wedding. first of all, i don’t want my family and friends to see me vulnerable and in love,

as a kid did you try to drown yourself while taking a bath just to see if you could do it or were you normal

Y’all pray for my mom 😔 nothing’s wrong w her, she just yells for no reason

Every email I get from a clothing brand now is like this

unfollowing people from highschool just sits right with my soul

My attitude get real aggressive when i feel like u think i’m stupid.

Gosh, i sure do hate bras.

listening to this song at age 13 used to get me high like actually

they changed the headline now but this is genuinely the most horrifying sentence i’ve read in my life... how the hell is this just casual news

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