The support shown by corporate India in the battle against COVID-19 is appreciable. Wonderful of to contribute to PM-CARES. This is a good gesture in ensuring a Coronavirus free India.

Let us increase our efforts. I recommend Aarogya Setu app to fight against . Please download and share it using this link Android : iOS :

People who have downloaded Aarogya App are sharing about how useful it is. Absolutely necessary for everyone to download this extremely critical technology to fight -19

हो सकता है कि यह किसी की सदिच्छा हो, तो भी मेरा आग्रह है कि यदि सचमुच में आपके मन में इतना प्यार है और मोदी को सम्मानित ही करना है तो एक गरीब परिवार की जिम्मेदारी कम से कम तब तक उठाइए, जब तक कोरोना वायरस का संकट है। मेरे लिए इससे बड़ा सम्मान कोई हो ही नहीं सकता।

During 21-Day lockdown, all the athletes are regularly in touch with their coaches, trainers, nutritionists and SAI officials through online. Sportspersons are regularly inspiring the citizens and hugely contributing in India's united fight against

Had an in-depth interaction with leaders of various political parties earlier today. Leaders shared their views on tackling COVID-19 and the way ahead.

You brought many laurels for India at a very young age and with your focus and determination many more, especially in . Let's win this war against and then resume the sporting journey soon.

मेरे ध्यान में लाया गया है कि कुछ लोग यह मुहिम चला रहे हैं कि 5 मिनट खड़े रहकर मोदी को सम्मानित किया जाए। पहली नजर में तो यह मोदी को विवादों में घसीटने की कोई खुराफात लगती है।

Thank you sir for accepting my challenge. I request everyone to come forward and lets join campaign.

I support campaign of and encourage all efforts to make good quality masks locally and to wear them for everyone's safety. Thank you for the nomination. I would nominate all the volunteers of & to take forward this campaign..

I support campaign launched by The Times of India and encourage to make good quality masks locally and to wear them for everyone's safety, tweets Join the movement to help India battle coronavirus. Details 👉

You can be distant and you can be social. A great video with relevant messages. Have a look.

Outstanding gesture by the Group. Every contribution matters and will lead to a healthier India.

Always better to take that extra precaution. Will help you and those around you. I commend the group for this very innovative movement.

We are proud of our sportspersons and the entire sports fraternity for very encouraging steps taken in support of our nation's united fight against the pandemic coronavirus. Took a review meeting with all the Regional Directors of Sports Authority of India.

Shri reviewed SAI facilities for athletes staying at SAI centers through Video Conferencing, today. He also took a note of TOPS athletes being in touch with experts to maintain the required physical and technical measures while staying at home due to .

At SAI HQ efforts are on to use the lockdown effectively. was briefed that 1) All new assistant directors at SAI are being trained through digital workshops 2) Video Meetings are being held with NSFs, stakeholders to discuss equipment procurement, Olympic plan, etc.

In th video conference with all regional directors of SAI to review arrangements for athletes congratulates atheletes for following strict discipline and the rules of the lockdown. Athletes staying at SAI camps have ensured they maintain social distancing and stay in

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