It’s going to be a tourist attraction in like 29 years

Man, was in the building for this game with one of the biggest Knick haters on earth and even HE was losing his 💩

When Gentlemen Jack Gallagher pulls up in suspenders and plaid knickers and beats the piss outta somebody >>

🥺 Am i really about to cop kicks just to wear in the house?

I wish i could order some Jimbos right now

I heard DJ D-Wrek cut the beat more times this month that in my entire life

This is your boy , signing off for . See you next week, and please wash your damn hands.

Aight, i know we’re all thinking it...when are we going to get vs in a prizefight? I got five on it. -

So the only reason why the WWF got the was because Vince Russo wanted to see JBL catch a fade on live TV. -

I know everybody says the was the worst idea in WWF history, and the crowd wasn’t really into it, and nobody really got over, but let’s look on the bright side.... -

What’s poppin, people. It’s and I’m taking over for tonight’s episode of on the infamous, WWE

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