Congratulations and on the engagement. ...I called it 3yrs ago you got yourself a winner my friend

Omg look at what the Lord has done. blessed. ...most girls on social media gym posts

I'm ready for the washed dad life ,Rec basketball leagues, flask in my pocket at theme parks , only having football Sundays to myself, paying college funds etc ,etc

I'm going to be one of those cool dad's that spin mini van tires and dominant at video games at Chucky Cheese. ..give me all the tickets

I'm almost at the "let's have kids fuck it " point. ....I almost want to lose sleep for the lil one 🍼🍼😴👼👼

2 more days then I'm out this bitch to the beach life. Work on this deep tan like I'm coming to America

Good morning everybody. ..Lil Friday is here my people. .

Get to work safely in the meantime. ..good morning let's get this morning jumping for the people

I tell it like it is. ...then I'll tell you how it could be. ....nothing but facts from the fan,Louisa, Brooklyn Park, anywhere else I chose to rep in Va

On to another topic. ...old high school chicks trying to get back in your life because theirs turned out to be shit. ...nah ma. ..leave that in 98 I moved on for the better. moved on to whoever. ..

Go to the gym. keeps you from the doctors office. ...yall don't hear me tho

Everyone is debating about Healthcare. ..ya know if we had less lazy fat ass people eating fast food daily. ...the cost would go down

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