Pity John Kerr wasn’t Victoriaβ€˜a Governor General. β€œ God save the Queen because nothing will save Daniel Andrews”

Hot water bottle tonight now they’ve destroyed Hazelwood power station. For Sale : One double electric blanket.

Irish voting to legalise abortion is like Muslims eating Bacon sandwiches.

It was all a set up by the Chinese and the Democrats to bring down the Tarriffs and Trump at the same time. They predicted it . The lungs and kidneys and the male testes have Ace 2 receptors. Scientists are worried the men who have unknowingly had covid19 could end up infertile

The Drum is getting renamed the Bagpipe tonight. Mainly because Dougal is full of hot wind.

Hopefully the WA farmers on here got some rain to settle the dust and get their crops up and away.

Cut out of a Crochet table cloth. How dumb is this silly woman. It has holes bigger than the Burnley tunnel in it

There was once a young teenager who was the face of climate change. Not seeing much of her lately.

Some people don’t like Trump but this is America’s last President

Some one said some of the 60 billion should be spent on the β€œArts” and β€œUniversities β€œ. What a load of rubbish. Both are overrated !!!! People should start getting their hands dirty again

How about the ABC cover the China trade issue from a Australia’s perspective instead of from China’s. The headline on their online site says. β€œChina losing patience with Australia”. β€œI think Australia losing patience with China blackmailing” would be more appropriate

Good old solar energy. It’s the way forward. If someone wants to put it on their house that’s fair enough. But large scale solar farms only make money because of subsidies.

Watching Shawshank Redemption for about the 20th time. One of the best movies ever made.

One One was a racehorse Two Two was one Too One One won One race And 22112

Has there ever been a dumber politician at reading the SITUATION than Anthony Albanese. Now he’s bagging out the Government because they over estimated the China flu bailout cost. He’s a dickhead. Looks like we will have 60 billion less debt

My wife just said to me. β€œI can’t stand that Peter Van Onselen guy”. Welcome to the club. Not many do.

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