Vaccines are safe. They help prevent millions of deaths every year & are continuously monitored to make sure they are safe & effective. More facts about why from :

There is currently no scientific evidence suggesting that food is associated with transmission of . Stay safe & healthy as you prepare your favorite meals: ✔️ Wash your 👐 well ✔️ Use surface disinfectants ✔️ Wash 🍇🥒🍅🍏 thoroughly ✔️ cook foods to at least 70°C

US biotechnology company is starting human trials of a coronavirus vaccine in Melbourne and Brisbane, with 131 volunteers to test its safety and look for early signs of its effectiveness.

Of course South Korean companies have come up with a Covid-19 robot! This one by SK scans you to see if you’re wearing a mask, checks your temperature and dispenses hand sanitizer while reminding you to keep your distance from humans.

Measures to control will have impact on other infectious diseases, reducing the incidence of some like flu and chickenpox and worsening some like TB. How coronavirus lockdowns stopped flu in its tracks

Dr. Eugene Sayfie - a beloved 85-yr. old Miami cardiologist - died of on Saturday. His family says he measured life by two standards: 1) Whether you enjoyed the journey. 2) Whether you made a difference to others along the way.

Today, , Brazil's most prestigious public health institution, is celebrating 120 years 🎂 Just like its early years, with a response to the bubonic plague pandemic, the anniversary is being marked by the response to the .

. says it's dangerous to assume the drop in transmission of is due to seasonality when it's actually due to the extensive social distancing measures that have been taken. Too much easing of the pressure on the virus risks resurgence of transmission.

has changed the 🌏🌍🌎 in so many ways, bringing us closer together and reaffirming the importance of . Don't miss this video showing the key moments so far as WHO works with partners worldwide to fight the pandemic and save lives.

When I wrote these words, I didn’t know if anyone would read them. I certainly didn’t think this would happen. I wrote them for my patients, my colleagues & myself. Please watch this. Please share this. This has been our reality. We can’t go back here.

If you're seeing this, it's a reminder to live with in the present moment. 🌻 Put your phone in ✈️ mode for an hour and just be.

Over 110,900 confirmed cases on the African continent - with more than 44,500 recoveries & 3,300 deaths. View country figures & more with the WHO African Region COVID-19 Dashboard:

Women and men experience crises differently. Although being home assures safety for many, others have a different story. To spark a conversation on COVID-19's impact on women👭, GR is hosting an interactive webinar on May 28. Register 👉

Simonson plays an important role in 's leadership as an Assistant Director General. He oversaw Public Health Emergency Preparedness under US President George W. Bush and most recently, worked in public health for a non-profit group in Haiti.

More from ’s Stewart Simonson: “There is no conceivable reason WHO would sit on () information. No interest of ours is served by doing so. Our interest is in sounding the alarm when evidence indicates the alarm should be sounded. That is exactly what did.”

Powerful words from 's Stewart Simonson on : “The US, since at least 1902, has been the leader in global public health, and I cannot imagine an environment where the US would not be in WHO and contributing to WHO."

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