"It's one N95 for the entire shift." The links in the PPE supply chain "have been broken" as hospitals battle .

Residents were allowed to leave the central Chinese city of Wuhan on Wednesday for the first time in nearly three months. Epidemiologists warn that widespread travel out of Wuhan could mark the start of China's second wave.

LIVES TO REMEMBER: Freda Ocran, a former head nurse at NYC’s Jacobi Medical Center, died of on March 28. She was 50. Her son says she “gave herself undoubtedly to the church, to her work and to her kids.” remembers the beloved health care worker:

Texas Republicans are arranging the use of hydroxychloroquine, the unproven drug President Trump champions for fighting .

The spread of is threatening to resurrect environmentally destructive single-use plastic bags, with a raft of states and cities putting previously approved bans on hold and some even reversing course.

Democratic leaders said they back more aid for struggling businesses during the pandemic but made further requests for an interim legislative package, including money for hospitals and state and local governments.

JUST IN: Bernie Sanders is suspending his presidential campaign. The move leaves Joe Biden as the Democrats' presumptive nominee to take on President Trump.

Prosecutors charged a teenager with fatally shooting a University of Wisconsin physician and her husband, who were the parents of his girlfriend, and leaving their bodies at the school's arboretum.

JUST IN: is suspending his presidential campaign

As we adjust to the new normal amid the pandemic, tells it's okay to grieve. Hear their full conversation on the latest :

Twitter co-founder and chief executive Jack Dorsey said he was committing $1 billion of his personal fortune to coronavirus relief through his philanthropic fund.

Once called "the Mark Twain of American songwriting," Grammy-winning musician John Prine died yesterday in Nashville from complications of the . He was 73. In 2019, caught up with the late music icon about his legendary career.

“We're gonna lose the very eclectic mix that makes dining out in America so wonderful ...This is going to affect so many other businesses, farmers, supply chains, distribution, artisans, purveyors of all kinds, this is the very fabric of America.” - founder

WATCH: founder shares how the pandemic has affected his employees and him personally.

WATCH: founder discusses the harsh new reality facing the restaurant industry amid the pandemic, and what people can do to help their local restaurants.

., who created the popular class "Psychology And The Good Life," shares what the science tells us about navigating this time of uncertainty during the . ➡️ Meditate to calm anxiety ➡️ Help others ➡️ Focus on positives in your relationships

Many doctors & nurses fighting the say they do not have enough personal protective equipment (PPE). One health care administrator said they are seeing a 3-6 month delay for key supplies. looked into the PPE supply chain & how we got here.

Governors in hard-hit states warn they are facing ventilator shortages, as they confront what may be the peak of the outbreak. shows us how different hospitals are handling the pandemic, and the tough choices doctors may have to face.

This evening, Jewish people across the country and around the world will celebrate . But social distancing is forcing millions of Americans to find new ways to connect. shows us what the Jewish holiday looks like in the midst of the pandemic.

Officials warned this would be a devastating week for the pandemic. The U.S. death toll now stands at more than 12,000, nearly 2,000 of them died yesterday.

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