I just want to tell you guys and gals before I go to bed tonight that my life is better with all of you in it. I’m proud to be a liberal. And I’m proud to be standing with all of you. Compassion, intellect, honesty, Patriotism, integrity. I love you - my friends, my family.

(612) 348-5550 this is the Minneapolis DA office phone number. Call them tomorrow morning.

It's in the Woodpecker family, and is called a Flicker

Shut your pie hole You violate the "Terms of Service" every day. Either to appease you, or because you have blackmail material you get a free pass from

I've been singing this tune now for well over 3 years.

The Headline..."Twitter finally cracked down on Donald Trump’s false tweets today"...NO, they did not...what they did was not even a slap on the pinkie finger of Boycott every PROMOTED tweet, no likes, no retweets, no comments. Go after the revenue.

BREAKING: There are new calls to investigate and for the first degree murder of Carolyn Gombell in October of 2000. Not even the President of the United States should be immune from murder charges. Who agrees?

Think about this folks... Over 100,000 Deaths from Over 1.5 Million have tested positive for Over 39 Million Americans out of work. and own this, but sees himself as THE VICTIM.

Just because the probe is ending for now does not mean it cannot be reopened with our new AG come January.

WOW....thank you for including me in such a great group of resistors, all of them great follows.

They can talk about "reopening" all they want, but I'm not going out anywhere during a pandemic. Just because some crackpot yells "we've landed!" and yanks open the emergency door while the plane is still in the air, it doesn't mean you jump out with him.

In another example of the failures...the just announced that the Antibody tests ARE WRONG 50% of the time! At what time is enough enough? has already killed 100,000 Americans.

Don't think they'll take the case...we need some high profile attorneys willing to take on the case pro-bono, or on a contingency fee basis.

The good news in reports like this... and the cannot take these states for granted, are going to have to work them to keep them Red, which means use of resources to hold what they have.

Maybe if you started following more of us who felt sorry for your predicament and tossed us a follow back you be gaining traction faster. I followed you, and about to change that since that follow was last week and still no follow back.

Is pooping your diaper while tweeting against the TOS here on ? Asking for a person I've never called President.

In light of 's stance on refusing to enforce against , give him a free pass under the guise his tweets as President are newsworthy despite the harm he does to our family here on this platform, is it time for a class action lawsuit?

I think if you preference with something like, "I am hearing rumors that is...fill in the ugly vile truth that is this repugnant excuse for a human being. We must save America by defeating the entire

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