For all my family who are missing the skies I can promise to take you right back up there when you read my books! I promise you will laugh too, and probably even recognise yourself in the pages, we all think the same 馃ぃ

After a month of flying empty planes I have become accustomed to having my seat of choice, or indeed four seats today... I have become a very untidy passenger who likes to spread her things around 馃槀

I have utter lockdown envy right now after someone tagged me in a photo of them reading one of my books. Is lockdown envy even a thing 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔馃槀

Despite crew rest bunks being made strictly for single occupancy, there are always those who like to break the rules... hence the fact each bunk has two oxygen masks 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔馃ぃ

Now, Amber, cabin crew really aren鈥檛 allowed in the pilot鈥檚 crew rest area 馃え Bunks are only made for one person, young lady!

Wow! I just had a and even offered to buy some books from authors who participated. I guess my temptation tactic didn't work.

Furlough is confirmed for June for me 馃槥 Ah well, let鈥檚 hope it is lovely weather, and lockdown is eased enough to go and meet people. As much as I would love to be flying I am committed to making the best of the situation!!! 鈽锔 馃嵐 馃拑

When we landed two days ago we hit a bird, apparently, the engineers found it on the fuselage 馃槵 Compared to this birdstrike on the Shanghai last year though ours was a non-event!

So who here actually reads the safety card?!馃檵馃徎鈥嶁檧锔 Even after all these years of flying, when I鈥檓 with another airline I still have a quick look... you just never know 馃槵馃槀

So the only other person here was a security guard, who thought I was completely nuts running up and down the departure lounge in my red heels馃槀 I did explain my game to him, and saved myself from being escorted from the building! Can you spot 3 books?

Off to again today with a plane full of cargo. To amuse myself I shall be and taking photos... today鈥檚 office will be Galley 4 on the which has a kitchen island! Or perhaps I will crawl into crew rest above it 馃か

Olivia and Susan. Olivia is very sweet, but she鈥檚 a bit worried about leaving her boyfriend at home since she had her own little indiscretion in Hong Kong. Susan isn鈥檛 making her feel any better, since Susan is totally leading a double life!!!

Without passengers on my flight last night I got a little bored, can you spot three books in this picture 馃馃槀

Without passengers on my flight last night I got a little bored, can you spot three books in this picture 馃馃槀

Tonight I鈥檓 going to sit in 鈥楾he Loft鈥, the lounge area on the A350, just because I can! It is so strange flying on an empty aircraft, I feel like Goldilocks trying out all the seats until I find the most comfortable鈥

Flying back on this beauty tonight . Only cargo so just me and two pilots, the last time I flew with such a crew it was on a back in my private flying days!

So apparently karla_heaven is going to don this lovely swimsuit and sunglasses and read Without a Doubt today 馃槏 I hope it gives her a welcome break and puts her back in the skies for a little while 馃檶馃徎鉁堬笍馃寛

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