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South African Netflix original series, Blood and Water is no. 1 on Netflix USA, France, The Bahamas, Nigeria, Libya, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Guadeloupe, South Africa and Kenya. It's no. 2 in Brazil, no. 5 in Portugal, no. 7 in Germany, Austria and no. 8 in the UK.


Can we take a moment and appreciate the beauty that is Gail Mabalane 😍😍😍😍

Unpopular opinion: We all watching the show cause it’s African. The plot of the series isn’t that great.

Yeah it's like that when you view it from a jealous point of view

Like this tweet if you’re a proud South African 🇿🇦

Thumb up 👍🏾 to SA movie industry. You’re closing the gap of domination created by Nollywood.

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