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And, as per Garden law, the Headmaster has the right of the first night with you. I get the second.


I’m applying pressure everyday🏈. Won’t nothing stop me from making my dream become a reality. Just wanna say thank you to for having me on the show last night was a lot of emotions behind it but I got it done. I will continue to fight everyday of my life 💪🏾

We miss each other. And The Pal'. And you. So join us on Insta this Saturday night from 9p to 11p on and ! @ World Famous Palomino Club

Jerome last night: 1) 2) "best low fee junk bond etfs"

I'm calling it a night... Well not really, I'm about to binge watch until I fall asleep 🤷🏾‍♀️ it's my favorite show. I love and anytime anyone crosses her on the show you'd best believe their 😬

It’s a low-key move for 40th Birthday 2020 Toilet Paper quarantined shirt . such a major night. but it shouldn’t come as any big surprise if you keep up with Ocean’s Instagram.

Much thanks and big respect to for playing my new single with last night on her radio show on ‘s on siriusxm . Blessings from Trinidad and Tobago! 🙏🏾🇹🇹 @ Sirius…

FIRST PRIZE: a Night Prize Pack with party supplies and stuffed animals! SECOND PRIZE: Digital code for the movie! Enter over @ chattypattysplc: ! Ends 4/21/20.

Watching on she is my fave person to watch on Thursday night's. 😊

Late night roll call for our next competitor. Oblivious!!!! Captain

I seen the one prayer I will recite every night till November. Dear Lord, Please let me live long enough to vote the fucker out in November. Amen

Hearts for healthcare workers in our window and our household is doing the 7 o’clock noise for frontline workers every night @ Austin Heights, Coquitlam, British Columbia

eric.pure.nsd and raged against the dying of the light last night on Watch them stream and search for ERICOFAWE and SHINY!…

My most memorable gaming moment having sleepovers playing Halo all night with friends. and

Last night Hangyul was hanging out with his friends in Rodeo Street, Guwol-Dong, Incheon. Both of his friends said “Hangyul ah, Long time no see”. he spent his free time with his old friends in Incheon, and as usual he looks so damn fine with beanie💛

2020 : What LOVE, CAREER, HEALTH will look like for the MONTH - On the 19th of APRIL 2020  the upper half of the Horoscope, the day side, starts to become strong. Though it will never overpower the lower, night side, there...